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Subway Development
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About Us

SUBWAY® restaurants began in the summer of 1965 when 17 year old Fred DeLuca graduated high school with aspirations of becoming a doctor.  While at a cookout that July, he asked a family friend, Dr. Peter Buck, for advice on how to pay for college hoping that Dr. Buck would just give him the money.  Instead, Dr. Buck suggested that Fred open a submarine sandwich shop similar to the one Dr. Buck frequented as a child in Maine so that Fred could earn enough money to pay his tuition.  Dr. Buck wrote Fred a check for $1,000 and they became business partners. This was the start of Doctor’s Associates Inc.

A month later, on August 28, 1965, Fred and Dr. Buck opened Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut.  From the very beginning they established goal setting as an integral part of SUBWAY® restaurants’ growth.  With a clear vision, Fred and Dr. Buck implemented a strategic plan to open 32 restaurants within 10 years.  In 1974 they found themselves behind schedule with only 16 open restaurants.  Fred decided it was time to give franchising a try. Today, there are over 40,000 locations spanning 110 countries.

Brian Dixon, Development Agent

Responsibilities:  Territory Development.  Oversees real estate and site development


Brian Dixon, a former Vietnam veteran, started his SUBWAY® career when his friend Fred DeLuca convinced Brian to become SUBWAY® restaurants’ first franchisee.  Fred made Brian an offer he couldn’t refuse.  Fred would give him a loan to purchase a franchise and if he ever wanted to get out, Fred would buy the restaurant back.  Unsure about not receiving a regular paycheck, Brian refused. When Brian’s employer went bankrupt, he reconsidered Fred’s offer.  Brian purchased the first SUBWAY® Franchise in Wallingford, CT in 1974.

Jim Turi, Development Agent

Responsibilities: Territory development.  Oversees franchise sales, operations, and marketing


James Turi, a Wallingford, CT resident, entered the job market after an Honorable Discharge from the Military in 1971.  Full of dreams, but unsure of his direction, he took a position managing an ice cream and novelty shop that was owned by Fred DeLuca.  Jim realized how much he enjoyed running a business.  A frequent customer at Brian’s SUBWAY®, Jim was intrigued by the SUBWAY® model and asked Fred about opening a SUBWAY® restaurant.  Fred suggested a partnership between Jim and Brian.  In 1975, Jim and Brian became business partners.  On December 26th of that same year they opened their first restaurant together on Bank Street in New London, Connecticut.


Pioneering a New Brand Together

Bank Street SUBWAY®

After opening and growing five restaurants together, once again, Brian and Jim were looking for a new opportunity.  Fred informed them that he was looking to develop SUBWAY® in New London County, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  They applied to become Development Agents and Fred awarded them their first territory in 1984.  It was a slow process, but with tenacity and perseverance, they began to grow.  In 2000, they took on a second contract for Southeastern Massachusetts.

Today, after 40 years working together, Brian and Jim own a combined 20 SUBWAY® restaurants and are responsible for the development of Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts, and New London County Connecticut. They have development offices in East Providence, Rhode Island and Mystic, Connecticut that support over 200 SUBWAY® restaurants.