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Subway Development
930 Waterman Ave.
East Providence, RI 02914
Tel: (401) 434-3329
Fax: (401) 434-3554

Why Subway®

  • Low Franchise Fee
    A one-time $15,000 fee purchases a twenty year agreement renewable for an additional twenty years with no additional franchise fees.
  • Local Training and Support
    Every SUBWAY® restaurant has a trained field consultant who provides operational support and compliance evaluations to help you run a profitable restaurant.  Our consultants help you establish a training module for your staff.
  • Franchisee Training
    Two weeks at SUBWAY® restaurants’ corporate training facility in Milford, CT provides you with the foundation of knowledge and the operational experience to run your restaurant to SUBWAY® standards.
  • Simple Operation
    SUBWAY® restaurants’ operations manual spells it out clearly and simply.  There is no cooking, no use of grills and no fryolators.
  • University of Subway
    Free online training is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The course curriculum meets operational, financial, management and marketing needs.
  • Independent Purchasing Co-op (IPC)
    IPC is a corporation owned and run by SUBWAY® franchisees.  It was established to approve and monitor SUBWAY® gold standard vendors and to utilize the buying power of more than 40,000 locations.  All products used by SUBWAY® franchisees including food, equipment and insurance must meet the criteria IPC establishes.
  • Subway Real Estate, LLC (SRELLC)
    SRELLC negotiates and signs all the master leases for every SUBWAY® location.  The Development Team works with SRELLC to identify and secure new locations and facilitate the lease negotiation process.  Franchisees benefit from the experience and long term vision of SRELLC.  A site review process protects our franchisees with established site viability parameters.  Our franchisees sign a sub-lease with SRELLC under the same terms as the master lease and pay rent directly to the landlord each month.
  • Advertising Power
    The SUBWAY® Franchise Advertising Fund (FAF) is another corporation owned and run by franchisees.  FAF oversees national, regional and local advertising dollars with input and voting power from every franchisee.  We currently advertise on television 52 weeks a year.  FAF also sponsors community events and national sporting events.  Of course Jared works directly with FAF to help promote SUBWAY® restaurants’ ‘healthy alternative’ menu options and to help fight childhood obesity.
  • Development Agents
    Our franchisees benefit from the experience and support of Brian Dixon and James Turi who each have more than 40 years experience with SUBWAY® restaurants.  Brian oversees real estate development within the territory.  Jim oversees operational and marketing support for our franchisees.  Together they lead the Development Team to support our franchisees.
  • Community Outreach
    SUBWAY® partners with the American Heart Association and is a sponsor of the American Heart Walk.
  • Environmental Responsibility
    SUBWAY® continues to develop new ways to keep our restaurants green and limit our environmental impact.  From light bulbs to cleaning products to reusable ‘Kids Pak’ meal bags, SUBWAY® works with our franchisees to incorporate recycled material, maintain energy efficient restaurants and reduce waste.

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